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WARNING I’m new I might cry


|Name: Monique

|Age: 18

|Sex: Female

|Eye Colour: Dark borwn/green/yellow.

|Hair Colour: Blood Red

|Where are you from?: Chicago


|Movie? Why?: Harry Potter movies. Cause they kick MAJOR ass

|Book? Why?: Harry Potter books. Cause they kick MAJOR ass

|Song? Why?: "Becoming Cold" by Mushroomhead. It's a psycho song.

|Band/Composer/Artist: Mushroomhead, Twisted Method

|Mythological Creature: Vampires.


|Rap : Worst music I have ever had to endure for more than 5 seconds.

|Punk : Same shit played over and over.

|Drugs: Stupid...unless you have some for me.

|Losers: I've been called a loser. I don't give a shit. Who gives a fuck what you think of me?

|Homosexuality: Go for it. Not my business. Stupid fuckers who hate it are narrow-minded asshole who are probably in the closest anyways.

|Cheerleaders.: :::shudders:::: Don't EVEN get me started on them.

|Love: I had love once...up untill yesterday when my boyfriend of a year 1/2 decided that he need to "focus on school". Well fuck you.

|Trends: I wear plain T-shirts and sit on my ass all day. Do I sound like a trendsetter?

|Nice people: Too few far between.

|Biches: You can't put two bithces together in the same toom.


|What are your hobbies?:
Photography, reading, sleep

On a scale to 1-10 how bitchy do you think you are and why. b>: I would have orginally said 9, but as of yesterday, it's been heightened to 10 (11, if you will). I've spent a good 10 years prefecting it. Ask Kiwi_Mistress, she'll tell you.

|If you had one billion dollars, what would you do with it?: Spend it. Quick. And hire a hit man.

|Do you have any special talents you want to tell us about?: I'm majoring in photography at NIU. Other than that, I can't do shit.

|What are your three best traits?: Bitchiness, Hair...can't really think of anything else.

|If they made your life’s story into a book, who would write it?: I've begun it. It's entitles Stupid Shit I Did In Highschool

|If you could bitch at one celebrity who would it be and why : Is Bush considered a celebirity. Cause I have a few (no, MANY) things to say to that prick. If not, then the guys from ICP. They need to eat shit and die.

|Why should we let you be one of us?: Cause you need new members.

|Who is your role model?: I don't have one

If you could spend a week with any one person, who would it be and what
would you do?:
Nathan (my NOW ex, as of yesterday). I wouldn't care what we did, as long as I was with him. Yes, I am a sad person. Go fuck yourself.

.Useless Extras.

|Promote us to two users/communities:

|Your worst memory: Yesterday. Considering that he was telling me that I wasn't a burden LAST week, what the hell has changed?!?!

|Tell us about one time where you were really bitchy and what happened : Just one? Let's friends' ex cheated on her. So I gave him and his new girlfriend shit for 2 months. His girlfriend was actually afraid to be alone with me, cause I tend to be violent.

|3 or more pictures of you:

Messed around with this pic a few weeks ago.


Me and Nathan (March 2003)



Hmmm...maybe I should've posted when I wasn't so heartbroken and angry...

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