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We_Bitch is the most real rating community out there. Don’t whine and cry if we don’t like you since you applied here in the first place. Our job is to bitch and be mean and if you truly belong here you won’t have any problems. We rate on personality, looks, and how you respond to what members rate you.

I'm the mod here at we_bitch! If anyone has any questions or concerns about anything email me at urplayboiibunnee@yahoo.com in the subject put.. I must bitch. If you want were accepted and you want to talk my AIM is xlivelaughdiex but ONLY if you have been accepted. I don't talk to rejects. =]


1. In subject line put. WARNING I’m new I might cry br>
2. Fill out questions with original answers

3. If rejected, don’t reapply you didn’t make it once you won’t make it again. Don’t waste your time or ours.

4. Paste at least 3 picture of you and make the lj cut "Get ready to cry bitches?"

5. NO posting until you're accepted or there will be made a post with your user name in it and all the members are going to try to drive you to sucide.

6. Apply within 24 hours of joining, or you'll be banned


1. Put your vote (either yes or no)  in the comment subject.

2.Express your thoughts fully! Don’t hold back we are bitches make me proud.

3. Once you're accepted, you can advertise other communities in moderate. Don't
go over the top, or you'll be removed. Put it under a L.J cut that reads… “I must admit I talked to the losers






|Eye Colour:

|Hair Colour:

|Where are you from?:


|Movie? Why?:

|Book? Why?:

|Song? Why?:


|Mythological Creature:


|Rap :

|Punk :







|Nice people


|What are your hobbies?:

|On a scale to 1-10 how bitchy do you think you are and why. b>:

|If you had one billion dollars, what would you do with it?:

|Do you have any special talents you want to tell us about?:

|What are your three best traits?:

|If they made your life’s story into a book, who would write it?:

|If you could bitch at one celebrity who would it be and why :

|Why should we let you be one of us?:

|Who is your role model?:

|If you could spend a week with any one person, who would it be and what
would you do?

.Useless Extras.

|Promote us to two users/communities:

|Your worst memory:

|Tell us about one time where you were really bitchy and what happened :

|3 or more pictures of you: